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How to Track a Cheating Spouse: 7 Ways You Can Try

When the thought of your spouse cheating pops up in your head, the urge to prove your suspicions can feel unbearable. Although it may be tempting to track your spouse’s cell phone, don’t act impulsively. Surprisingly, almost 40% of couples who caught their partners snooping ended up in arguments and accusations.

Thankfully, modern technology can help you to get the answers you need without jeopardizing your relationship. With so many cell phone trackers available on the market, you can easily find out where your spouse has been and whom they’ve been texting. We’ve done the research and handpicked some of the most reliable and efficient apps. Let’s dive in!

5 Best Way to Track a Cheating Spouse

Below, you’ll find a ranking chart of the top 5 apps you can use to ​track your cheating spouse online, based on their features and price. 

NameKey featuresCompatibilityPriceRating
mSpy⭐️Live GPS tracking
Location history monitoring
Remote access to 35+ data types
Android phones & tablets
EyezyInstant alerts on location changes
Access to deleted texts & passwords
Activity control tools
Android phones & tablets
MobiPastGPS tracking in real-time
Smart analysis of recent activity
Android phones &
DetecticoLocation tracking by number
Number lookup
Any operating system$0.87/day4.6/5.0
The NorthAppLocation tracking by numberAny operating system$0.99/day4.5/5.0

mSpy – Best Way to Track a Cheating Spouse in 2023


mSpy first entered the market over a decade ago and has since remained a top solution among monitoring apps. Thanks to its sophisticated tools and user-friendly design, mobile phone tracking has become effortless, even for beginners. No matter what type of device your partner is using, whether it is Android or iOS, mSpy will locate them in minutes!

What Can You Do with mSpy:

  • Track GPS location in real-time
  • Visualize their travel history on a map with timestamps
  • Read messages on default apps and social media
  • See photos and videos stored on their phone
  • Monitor spouse phone calls, emails, and browsing activity
  • Access the target data remotely from the online Control Panel
  • Capture screenshots in real-time
  • Hide the app from the main screen and prevent detection
Compatible with major operating systems, including iOS and Android
Easy to install and use
Has more than 35 tracking tools
Undetectable on the target device
24/7 customer support
Multiple device subscriptions can be expensive

Eyezy – Hidden Cheating Spouse Tracker with Advanced Tools


Eyezy has taken mobile tracking to the next level up with its new controls tools. Now, you don’t just observe the target’s activity but can also block specific content and set up notifications on location changes. With its quick and easy installation, you can take complete control over their phone in just a few minutes.

What Can You Do with Eyeyzy:

  • Receive alerts on the target device’s location
  • Access chats on social media & dating apps, including Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder
  • Recover deleted texts, passwords & search queries with Keylogger
  • Get notifications when specific words are used in text messages or emails.
  • Block access to websites and apps
  • Install cheating spouse tracker remotely using iCloud credentials or Wi-Fi connection
Live GPS tracking
Remote installation modes
Advanced control features
Reliable alert system
Intuitive design
Free trial is not available

MobiPast – Smart GPS Tracker for Cheating Spouse

mobipast app

MobiPast is a groundbreaking that was introduced in 2023. It comes equipped with AI-based analyzing tools that generate brief reports on your partner’s most frequently messaging contacts, recently visited places, and other activities. With MobiPast, you’ll quickly find out the truth that lies beneath any suspicious behavior.

What Can You Do with MobiPast:

  • Track your partner’s phone movements on an interactive map
  • Monitor calls, text messages, and emails
  • See contact data, including names, numbers & emails
  • View web browser history, even if your partner uses Incognito mode
  • Access reports summarizing the data collected
AI-based data analysis
Brief reports on recently visited places
Secure online access
Affordable pricing plans
Cross-platform compatibility
Some features are unavailable on old devices

Detectico – Zero-Installation Cheating Spouse Tracker

Detectico app

Detectico is a web-based monitoring app that even the most demanding users will love. This tiny tool requires only your partner’s phone number to determine their exact geo position. On top of that, you can find out who is reaching them late at night, even if the calls are anonymous.

What Can You Do with Detectico:

  • Find the current location of your partner by phone number
  • Identify names of people who your partner is talking to
  • Track an unlimited number of phones
Accurate location tracking
No installation required
Quick access from any web browser
Compatible even with old devices
Worldwide coverage
Free trial lasts for 24 hours

NorthApp – Simple Tool to Track My Spouse Cell Phone by Number


NorthApp has one primary function: location tracking, but it works exceptionally well. Unlike many online services that only provide an approximate location, NorthApp delivers pinpoint accuracy up to 10 meters. Moreover, it provides you with the current address of a target device and other useful information.

What Can You Do with NorthApp:

  • Determine real-time location in 1 minute
  • Find out current address down to street level
  • Access the app from any Internet-connected device
Unbeatable accuracy
Web-based interface
Interactive map
Costs less than a cup of coffee
Requires stable Internet connection on your device

How to Track a Cheating Spouse Without Them Knowing With mSpy

If you eager to start tracking cheating spouse iPhone or Android device, follow this steps below. The installation process is similar for most spy apps, but mSpy is the fastest and simplest one. It takes less than 5 minutes to run the app.

Step 1. Create an Account on mSpy

mspy step 1

Go to the and create your account. Only valid email address is required! 

Step 2. Choose Device & Your Plan

mspy Step 2 Device

Сhoose between iOS and Android, then select the subscription plan that best fits your needs. 

Step 3. Download mSpy

Follow the instructions provided in your welcome email carefully to download and configure the cheating spouse tracker. 

Step 4. Start Monitoring Your Target’s Phone

Now log into your Online Dashboard and enjoy all the data collected from target device. You can view messages, track GPS locations, read emails and even check out videos and photos!

How to Find Out if Your Spouse Is Cheating for Free

If you’re unsure whether paid options are worth your investment, some methods on how to find out if your spouse is cheating for free can be a good starting point. While they may lack some advanced features of monitoring apps, they can give you a general idea of where your partner goes after work or if they spend some time with someone else.

How to Track Your Spouse’s Cell Phone With Google Timeline

Google Maps

If your spouse has an Android device or prefers Google Maps to the default apps from Apple, you’re in luck! Here’s the thing: apart from search history, Google accounts also store detailed routes and locations you visit using a feature called Google Timeline. The best part is that you can access location data from any web browser without taking your spouse’s cell phone.

Here’s how to catch a cheating spouse:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Google Account credentials of the target device.
  3. In the top-left corner, select the date range.
  4. A map with a timeline of locations will appear. You can also see the places they visited and how long they stayed there. 

Note: If your spouse hasn’t enabled Location History in their settings, Google Timeline won’t display the exact routes they’ve taken. Additionally, users can edit and delete specific places from Google Timeline, so you might not get the complete picture of their activity.

How to Track Your Cheating Spouse Online

IMEI number

To track your spouse’s cell phone, you can use their IMEI number. IMEI is a unique code associated with each mobile phone, and network operators use it to transmit data. As data transmission involves the exchange of signals between phones and satellites, satellites can triangulate someone’s exact coordinates.

Therefore, you can request location data from the network operator or use specialized IMEI tracking tools. Let’s take a look at how you can track a phone using online services since it has been one of the easiest options so far:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the target’s IMEI number into a search box.
  3. Wait for the system to display their approximate location on a map.

Keep in mind that you will get approximate location data using IMEI GPS tracker for cheating spouse, so it’s better to consider other methods on the list for a more precise location. 


Is there an app to track your spouse without them knowing?

While many apps offer GPS tracking of somebody’s device, only a few have a Stealth mode feature that conceals your monitoring activity. Give mSpy a try if you need the best anonymous tracking app. It stays hidden from the app manager and operates without affecting the target phone’s performance.

How to track your spouse’s phone location?

You can either use default tools from Google or use an advanced third-party app like mSpy to track your spouse’s phone location. Online services like Detectico are also worth considering. They provide accurate and reliable phone tracking by number.

Can You Track a Phone Without Installing An App?

Zero-installation online services are no worse than third-party apps if you’re looking to track the phone’s location. Detectico and North App offer web-based solutions that allow you to find the person’s whereabouts. All you need is their phone number to get accurate results.


While cheaters are good at hiding their tracks, their smartphones hold the answers you need. If you wonder how to track your spouse’s phone, it might be worth considering mobile GPS tracking.You can start with free methods to get an approximate location, but for the fastest and most accurate results, choose one of the top 5 apps we’ve outlined above. They come with powerful location-tracking tools and user-friendly interface. Give them a try to uncover the truth!

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Find Out the Truth! Choose Your Plan With 50% Discount