Another great day’s Revit Training at MAC Roofing

Today I was back at MAC Roofing in Bromborough (Wirral), to deliver another Revit Training Session. Working with with Peter, Liam and Kevin, we took an indepth look at Revit Schedules and how they can really aid a roofing contractor’s workflow. We also looked at the process of working with Linked Files. For the majority […]

Revit Architecture: Forming a Roof Dormer using Slope Arrows

It is a relatively straightforward procedure to put a basic pitched roof onto your model, in Revit Architecture. The Roof by Footprint tool can be used to detect a chain of external walls and create a pitched roof based on their boundary. But what if we want to create a roof dormer in line with […]

Revit Architecture: Showing overhead lines on your plans

There are many situations when you need to show the outline or boundary of overhead elements, on your plan views. Some typical scenarios are the include the outline of the perimeter of the roof, the outline of an entrance canopy, roof light positions, etc. We could of course just draw these on the appropriate floor […]