Revit: Where’s my camera gone?

Everyone love’s Revit’s Camera tool! With just a couple of clicks you can place a camera in a Floor Plan view….



and have a fairly realistic perspective created for you in a flash….




But what happens if the camera isn’t quite facing in the correct direction? No problem, just switch back to the Floor Plan view in which you created it and adjust it position / direction / height…..




Oh! You’ve opened the Floor Plan view back up and the camera is no longer there! Without the camera (and it’s cone of vision) being visible, it’s impossible to adjust it. So how do we get it to reappear in the Floor Plan view. Thankfully, it’s really easy to do. All we need to do is switch back to the 3D image view that the camera created……




We simply need to select the image itself. So with the view open, go ahead and click on the edge of the image. You can see if the image is selected by checking whether the crop handles (blue filled circles) appear. Also, if selected the border of the image is displayed in blue….



Now, the important thing to do is NOT to de-select the image. You must leave it selected. With the image selected, switch back to the Floor Plan view in which you placed your camera. In the Floor Plan view you should now see your camera icon and it’s view cone….




So the answer to the problem was just to make sure that your camera view is selected– this will then force it’s associated icon (and cone) to be displayed all all relevant views (floor plans, sections, etc)


If you’re new to Revit Architecture, you may be interested in my freeComplete Beginner’s Guide to Revit Architecture84 part video tutorial course

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  1. I found this somewhere online back when I started using Revit and still find it useful.

    • Many thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s one of those things in Revit (when you’re new to it) that is so infuriating until you know the answer! I bit like when you’ve accidentally closed the Project Browser and you’re trying to figure out how to bring it back!

  2. You can also right-click a perspective view in the Project Browser and use “Show Camera”, saves you some tabbing 😉

    • Fantastic!

      Do you know, I’ve never seen that one hiding in there.

      Many thanks,
      Kind regards,

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