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How to Read Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing Anytime, Anywhere

With over 1.3 billion active users on the platform, there are more than a million reasons to be worried about what your loved ones are doing on Facebook. The sharp uptick in cyber-related vices like cyberbullying, exposure to online predators, and sexting only highlights some of these dangers.

Parents can no longer just assume that their kids will be safe with the multiple layers of security on the platform. They need to be more closely involved with their kid’s daily activities on the platform, to be there in case something happens.

If your spouse is a Facebook addict, you should be concerned about the kind of influences they’re giving into. Especially if they’ve been giving off bad vibes recently, you’d want to make sure they’re not keeping any dark secrets from you on the platform.

But how do you read someone’s Facebook messages without stirring up the pot? Find answers to this and a lot more below.

Can You Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing?

Most legitimate use cases of Facebook tracking require stealthiness. It’s something your target shouldn’t see coming. Their Facebook activities are supposed to be a secret, hidden from you. Otherwise, you would simply just ask them to hand over their Facebook Messenger whenever you want to check up on them.

So, how do you keep your Facebook tracking campaign under wraps while enjoying easy access to all the info you need on their Facebook activities?

There are tons of different ways to do this, each with varying degrees of success and set of requirements. But here are ideal techniques that are open to everyone across the board regardless of their prior background

Check his phone directly

Sometimes, the answers you’re looking for have been hiding in plain sight. You could be tracking your target’s Facebook activities simply by grabbing their phone and scrolling through it.

If they’re always chatting away on their Facebook Messenger, then they’ll most likely be logged in all the time and you’ll be able to access their Messenger just by grabbing the phone.

Find a good moment to get a hold of their phone for a few minutes – probably when they’re charging it or when in the bathroom or eating.

If they had logged out and you don’t know their password, you can reset it. The password reset code will be sent to their email, which you can access there on the phone. Keep them logged in after your session.

You wouldn’t want to raise an alarm by denying them access to their account.
Note, however, that this isn’t a long-term solution, though. You can only scroll through their phone as many times in a day or week before they begin to get suspicious of you.

Monitor his phone activity

You can also learn how to read someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing if you can find a way to monitor their entire phone. For instance, if they use an iPhone and their iCloud backup is active, you’ll find details of their Facebook activities logged along with their other phone data on their iCloud backup.

Access to a phone backup facility like iCloud isn’t always easy, though. But one easy way to keep track of any type of phone is by using a keylogger.

Keyloggers record the press of every key on a phone, providing a comprehensive report of activities on the phone.

Now, a keylogger doesn’t reveal that much about someone’s Facebook activities – that’s because it only records keys that are pressed on the phone – not the content on the screen. But you can still learn quite a lot from it, including your target’s Facebook login credentials (recorded when they attempt to log in), their outgoing messages, profile updates, and lots more.

Use a third-party app

Third-party apps are the most reliable method for tracking other people’s Facebook messages.

Depending on the app you choose, you can enjoy advantages like quick installation, stealth operations, and comprehensive reports of Facebook activities.

Third-party apps usually work by penetrating the memory drive of the phone’s operating system and making copies of every data processed and stored on the memory drive. And that includes their Facebook data.

With third-party apps that let you read Facebook messages, you don’t need to provide any of your target’s credentials – their phone lock codes, Facebook credentials, etc. And you won’t be resetting their password either.

You’ll probably only just need to log into the spy app on your end and then navigate your way to the section for Facebook data.

Top 3 Applications to Spy on Facebook Messages

Want to learn more about how to spy on Facebook messages using third-party apps? Here are the top three best apps that’ll help you launch out with ease:


mspy facebook tracker

mSpy is one of the most powerful phone trackers out there, and it comes loaded with many capabilities for learning how to read someone’s Facebook messages without seen. The first thing you should know about using mSpy is that it works the same powerful way regardless of the type of device your target is using.

You can have it set up on any phone in just a matter of minutes. Access to the target phone could be necessary depending on the phone and the mode of installation you choose.

Once the installation is completed, everything else comes easily. All you need to do to keep abreast with your target’s Facebook activities is open your user dashboard and scroll to the app’s section on Facebook.

You’ll get to see everything from their incoming and outgoing messages to their group chats, likes, comments, profile updates, and friend lists.

mSpy doesn’t stop at Facebook alone. You can get the same comprehensive coverage of activities across every major social media platform, from WhatsApp to Twitter, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, and TikTok. You can also monitor their calls, SMS, browsing activities, emails, calendar events, and so much more.


  • A straightforward installation process and a hassle-free user experience
  • Comprehensive coverage of your target’s Facebook activities
  • Provides multiple tools for obtaining Facebook data, from the Facebook tracker to remote screenshots, a keylogger, keyword alerts, etc.
  • Round-the-clock support across multiple channels


  • Doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the app.


mobipast app

Parents looking to go past just how to read Facebook messages without seen to protect their kids from harmful influences can count on MobiPast. MobiPast not only lets you check up on your loved one’s Facebook, but it also allows you to override their decisions when necessary to keep them out of harm’s way.

With MobiPast, you can stop suspicious conversations dead in their tracks. The parental control feature enables you to take over their Facebook and implement control measures to keep them safe.

The Facebook message tracker gives you a full scoop on their Facebook activities, letting you see the content as well as the time and date stamps and the Facebook profiles of the sender/receiver. You can also track their Facebook calls with the same wide coverage. You’ll get to see the time and date stamps of the calls as well as the caller/receiver’s profile.

There are many ways to learn how to read someone’s Facebook messages without knowing the password with MobiPast. You’ll have the Facebook tracker as well as the remote screenshot recorder and remote keylogger. That’s so if you don’t find the specific info you need on one feature, it sure won’t escape the other features.

MobiPast even lets you track deleted Facebook data. That means you can outsmart your target if they try to cover their tracks by deleting their Facebook data.


  • Combines Facebook tracking with parental control for more proactive tracking
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Works on a wide range of smartphones, including very dated models
  • Tracks up to 30 different social media platforms


  • The user interface seems a bit dated
  • Doesn’t provide instant updates – it could be a bit too late by the time the report gets to you.



eyeZy takes the hassle out of Facebook tracking and keeps you on top of all your target’s Facebook activities with relative ease. All you need is a one-off moment with your target’s phone to quickly install the app, and that’s it. You might not even need physical access to their phone if you’re using installation modes like iCloud installation or WiFi installation.

eyeZy operates with an A.I.-powered algorithm that uses a high degree of processing power to mine your target’s Facebook data from their phone and then organize them into easily-digestible bits. You’ll get to see all their direct messages, group messages, page comments, likes, and profile updates.

The A.I. algorithm even analyzes their Facebook data along with a host of other phone data to help you connect the dots of their activities. For instance, it can combine their Facebook chats with their calendar entry and location data to give you a full scoop on their upcoming meetings.

You can choose an interval for the updates – real-time reports or periodic reports. There’s even a keyword alert feature that notifies you the instant any suspicious word or phrase comes up in their Facebook conversations.


  • A clean, intuitive user interface that lets you make sense of your target’s Facebook data at a glance
  • The parental control features enable you to take actions on their Facebook activities and make changes to their Facebook account right from your screen
  • Tracks activities on nearly every major social media platform, including Twitter, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and lots more
  • Round-the-clock support to help out whenever you’re feeling stuck


  • Doesn’t work on non-jailbroken iPhones

How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages: Installation Guide

One key advantage of top-notch spy apps is that they’re very easy to set up. You’ll be amazed by how all the security features on their phone and Facebook app give way with just a click of a few buttons.
For this installation, we’ll be showing you how to set up mSpy.

Read Facebook Messages Without Seen on Android

Step 1: Set Up Your mSpy Account

mspy create your mSpy account

To begin using mSpy, you, first of all, need to set up a paid user account on the platform. Open mSpy.com on your browser, click the ‘Try Now’ button and fill in your name and email, choose the type of device you want to monitor, and purchase a convenient payment plan.
Once you complete the registration, you’ll get a confirmation email containing the details of your payment, the link to downloading your control panel, and your login credentials.

Step 2: Turn Off Play Protect

To set up mSpy on the target phone, you need to remove security features that’ll get in the way of the app. We’re not talking about drastic hacking measures. You simply just need to turn off Play Protect on their Google Play Store.

Grab their phone for a moment, open their Play Store app, tap on the menu bottom, and then go to ‘Play Protect > Settings > Disable Scan apps with Play Protect > Turn Off.

Step 3: Install mSpy

mspy complete installation

Next, download the mSpy installer on the target phone by loading the installer link provided in your mSpy setup wizard on the phone’s browser. Tap “Allow” for all popup permission requests.

Once the download and installation are completed, you can then sit back and begin monitoring your target’s Facebook activities.

How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Seen on iPhone

Step 1. Create your mSpy account

mspy create your mSpy account

If you don’t already have an mSpy account, open mSpy.com on your phone, enter your personal details, choose iPhone as the target device, and buy a suitable subscription. Check your confirmation email for details of your account.

Step 2: Enter their iCloud credentials

Key in your target’s iCloud credentials on your mSpy Control Panel.

Make sure their iCloud login isn’t protected by 2-factor authentication and that their iCloud syncing is active.

Step 3: Start monitoring your target

mspy demo facebook

Wait for 10 -20 minutes for their iCloud to be synced completely on your mSpy dashboard, and that’s it. You can then check into your dashboard whenever you need to get into your target’s Facebook.


Learning how to read messages from other Facebook users isn’t as difficult as you think. While there are many ways to go about it, installing third-party software is the easiest yet most powerful method.

We’ve highlighted the three best apps that can get the job done for you quickly and efficiently. The installation steps above are quick and straightforward. You should have no problems following them to set up your Facebook tracking campaign in no time.

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