The Ultimate Guide to Revit Walls

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There’s a lot to learn about Walls within Revit!

That’s where this Course takes over. 48 Units. A combination of both written articles (in a single PDF Ebook) and narrated video tutorials (over 5 hours, in 720P HD) will cover all the fundamental concepts relating to Revit Walls.

  • Over 5 hours of Video Tutorials (all in 720P HD)
  • Support Forum to help with any questions
Module 1 Introduction and Basic Type Parameters for Walls
Unit 1 Location Lines in detail
Unit 2 Top and Base Constraints (including Offsets)
Unit 3 The Room Bounding Parameter
Unit 4 The Structural Parameter
Unit 5 The remaining Instance Parameters for Basic Walls
Unit 6 The Structure / Edit Assembly Parameter
Unit 7 Wall Layer Wrapping
Unit 8 The Function Parameter
Unit 9 The remaining Type Parameters for Basic Walls
Unit 10 Adding additional Parameters to your Wall Types
Module 2 Curtain Walls in detail
Unit 1 Curtain Wall Instance Parameters: An overview
Unit 2 Vertical and Horizontal Grid Manipulation
Unit 3 Curtain Wall Type Parameters: An overview
Unit 4 The Join Condition Parameter
Unit 5 Horizontal and Vertical Grid Control
Unit 6 Vertical and Horizontal Mullion control
Unit 7 Editing the Profile of your Curtain Walls
Unit 8 Creating your own System Curtain Wall Panels
Unit 9 Creating your own System Mullion Profiles
Module 3 Stacked Walls and how to create them
Unit 1 Stacked Walls: An overview
Unit 2 The Edit Structure / Assembly panel for Stacked Walls
Unit 3 Creating a new Stacked Wall Type: A practical example
Module 4 Creating new Basic Wall Types
Unit 1 Edit Type and Duplicate!
Unit 2 Naming your new Wall Types
Unit 3 Adding Layers to your Wall Types
Unit 4 Wall Layer Functions explained
Unit 5 Wall Layer Wrapping explained
Unit 6 The remaining Wall Type Parameters
Unit 7 Adding your new Wall Type to a Revit Template File
Module 5 Wall Joins
Unit 1 Wall Layer Functions and Wall Joins
Unit 2 The Wall Join Tool
Module 6 Sweeps and Reveals
Unit 1 How to add Wall Sweeps to your Walls
Unit 2 How to add Wall Reveals to your Walls
Unit 3 Creating your own Sweep and Reveal Profiles
Module 7 Wall Profiles
Unit 1 Attach and Detach the Top / Base of your Wall
Unit 2 Editing a Wall Profile
Module 8 Appearance and Graphics
Unit 1 The surface appearance of Revit Walls in Elevation
Unit 2 The Cut appearance of your Revit Walls in Plan
Unit 3 Subdividing your Walls into different surface materials
Unit 4 Wall Subcategories explained
Module 9 Bonus Material
Unit 1 Model In-Place Walls
Unit 2 Creating Curved Walls
Unit 3 Creating a Fillet Arc between two Walls
Unit 4 Creating Walls from Faces of Mass Forms or Generic Models
Unit 5 Using 2D CAD Plans as a Template for your Revit Walls