The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture: PDF Ebook

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture course is available as a PDF Ebook. The document contains all the illustrated training material contained in the online Units, in a single PDF file. At over 300 pages, this Guide will give you a solid foundation to all the fundamentals of Autodesk’s BIM platform.

Included with this purchase is 3 months Membership to BIMscape. This allows you unlimited access to the Support Forums.

***Note: This Ebook is included in the purchase of the full online course and does not need to be purchased separately.

Table of Contents:

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to the Course!
Module 2 Interface & Navigation
Unit 1 The Launch Screen
Unit 2 The Ribbon Menu
Unit 3 The Properties Palette
Unit 4 The Project Browser
Unit 5 The Drawing Area
Unit 6 2D Navigation
Unit 7 3D Navigation
Module 3 Key Concepts
Unit 1 It's all about Parameters
Unit 2 Instance & Type Parameters
Unit 3 Model vs Detail Elements
Unit 4 Levels
Unit 5 Views and how they relate to Levels
Unit 6 Reference Planes
Unit 7 Drawing Aids
Unit 8 Structural Grids
Unit 9 Projects, Templates & Families
Module 4 3D Model Elements
Unit 1 Walls
Unit 2 Wall Openings
Unit 3 Doors and Windows
Unit 4 Curtain Walls
Unit 5 Floors
Unit 6 Creating Sloped Floors
Unit 7 Shaft Openings
Unit 8 Ceilings
Unit 9 Adding Fixtures to Ceilings
Unit 10 Roofs: Roof by Footprint
Unit 11 Roofs: Roof by Extrusion
Unit 12 Stairs: Stair by Component
Unit 13 Stairs: Stair by Sketch
Unit 14 Railings
Unit 15 Ramps
Unit 16 Columns
Unit 17 Model Lines & Model Text
Unit 18 Components
Module 5 Editing & Modifying Elements
Unit 1 Selecting & Filtering Elements
Unit 2 Moving Elements
Unit 3 Copying Elements
Unit 4 Rotating Elements
Unit 5 Mirroring Elements
Unit 6 Arrays
Unit 7 Aligning Elements
Unit 8 Splitting Elements
Unit 9 Trimming & Extending Elements
Unit 10 Offsetting Elements
Unit 11 Pinning Elements
Module 6 Creating Views
Unit 1 Duplicating Views
Unit 2 Elevations
Unit 3 Sections
Unit 4 Callouts
Unit 5 Drafting Views
Unit 6 The default 3D View
Unit 7 Camera Views
Unit 8 Legend Views
Unit 9 Section Boxes
Unit 10 Schedules
Module 7 Graphics & Visibility Settings
Unit 1 View Scales
Unit 2 Detail Levels
Unit 3 Visual Styles
Unit 4 Crop Regions
Unit 5 Hide/Override Graphics in View
Unit 6 Reveal Hidden Elements
Unit 7 Temporary Hide/Isolate
Unit 8 Visibility/Graphic Overrides
Unit 9 View Templates
Unit 10 View Properties
Unit 11 View Range
Module 8 Annotation & Detailing
Unit 1 Dimensions
Unit 2 Text
Unit 3 Detail Lines
Unit 4 Symbols
Unit 5 Detail Components
Unit 6 Repeating Details
Unit 7 Filled Regions
Unit 8 Rooms
Unit 9 Tags
Module 9 Bonus Topics
Unit 1 Phases
Unit 2 Design Options
Unit 3 Working with CAD Files
Unit 4 Placing Views onto Sheets
Unit 5 Printing

3 reviews for The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture: PDF Ebook

  1. Klaus Hitzler (verified owner)

    This EBook is really essential not only for beginners but for all Revit users. As there is no comparable Autodesk handbook (at least in Germany and the “LT” software) it should become an official edition!

  2. Kemall Sekhavati (verified owner)

    Excellent book to get started with Revit. Good for beginners and also for other users as a reference. Everything in the book has easily been explained.

  3. Arpa Hambarchian (verified owner)

    This Ebook gives a comprehensive introduction to Autodesk Revit Architecture.

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