Revit MEP Fundamentals

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This online video course will get you up to speed with the fundamentals of Autodesk Revit MEP. Spread over 38 Units, this course covers each fundamental topic in detail.

Produced by Ian Nichols (an Autodesk Expert Elite), this course will enable you to be productive in a college or work environment.

Included within the cost of this course is:

  • 6 months membership of BIMscape: This allows you ample time to review and digest the information contained within the course. It also allows you unlimited access to the Support Forums where you can seek clarification on any questions you may have.

Once purchased, the course is available to you immediately. You may take the course / review any Unit as many times as you wish within the period of your membership.


Module 1 Introduction and Overview
Unit 1 What is Revit MEP?
Unit 2 If you are completely new to Revit
Unit 3 An overview of the MEP interface
Module 2 MEP Systems
Unit 1 What is a Revit MEP System?
Unit 2 Connecting MEP Components together
Unit 3 Creating Revit MEP Systems
Unit 4 Navigating the MEP System Browser
Module 3 Plumbing Systems
Unit 1 Creating Pipes
Unit 2 Parallel Pipes
Unit 3 Sloped Pipes
Unit 4 Pipe Fittings
Unit 5 Adding Insulation to pipes
Module 4 HVAC Systems
Unit 1 An introduction to HVAC Systems
Unit 2 Adding Mechanical Equipment
Unit 3 Adding Air Terminals
Unit 4 Adding Ducts and Pipes
Unit 5 Adding Fittings and Accessories
Unit 6 Duct and Pipe Sizing
Module 5 Electrical Systems
Unit 1 An introduction to Electrical Systems
Unit 2 Electrical Settings
Unit 3 Electrical Equipment
Unit 4 Electrical Devices
Unit 5 Lighting Fixtures
Unit 6 Creating Electrical Circuits
Unit 7 Cable Trays
Unit 8 Conduits
Module 6 Revit Spaces
Unit 1 Setting up your model for Spaces
Unit 2 Creating Spaces
Unit 3 Naming Spaces
Module 7 Advanced Systems for HVAC & Plumbing
Unit 1 Creating Systems
Unit 2 Modifying Systems
Unit 3 Dividing Systems
Module 8 Graphics and Documentation
Unit 1 System Graphic Overrides
Unit 2 Creating Colour Schemes
Unit 3 Adding Tags
Module 9 Working with Linked Models
Unit 1 Collaborating with others
Unit 2 Copying and Monitoring Elements
Unit 3 Batch Copying Fixtures


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