Live Support (2 hours)

$111.61 Inc. VAT 2 hours



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All of my online courses are designed to be taken on a self-learning basis.
However. There may be times when you feel you would benefit from some
personal one-to-one support. These sessions can be used to discuss / clarify
key concepts and get you quickly moving along your Revit journey again.
My online booking system allows you to choose a date and time that fits in
with your schedule.

The Support Sessions are intended to assist you with any aspect of the
course(s) that you are undertaking at BIMscape.
• If you have any other aspect of Revit that you’d like to discuss online, please
email me first (before booking) to ensure a session would be appropriate.
• If you require a longer (than 2 hour) session, please email me to discuss.
• Once booked, I will email you an invite to an MS Teams Meeting on the date
/ time that you chose.