Autodesk Revit: Design Options

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As you develop your design, you may wish to explore different ideas. Your client may ask to see differing options before they can make a decision. Revit’s Design Option tools allow you to define different options all within a single project file. In this focused mini-course you will learn how to set up A number of ‘Option Sets‘ and ‘Design Options‘ within each Option Set.

  • Over 2 hours of Video Tutorials (all in 720P HD)
  • Support Forum to help with any questions
  • Includes 6 month Membership to allow you to fully digest the course and have your questions answered.
Module 1 Introduction and Terminology
Unit 1 What are Design Options in Autodesk Revit?
Unit 2 The 'Design Options' dialogue box
Unit 3 Options Sets and Options
Module 2 Design Options: A practical example
Unit 1 Creating an Option Set
Unit 2 Creating 2 Design Options
Unit 3 The Main Model versus Design Options
Unit 4 Presenting your Design Options: View Properties
Unit 5 Your preferred Option: Making a Design Option 'Primary'
Unit 6 Deciding upon a Design Option: Accepting the Primary Option


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