Autodesk Revit: Coordinate Systems

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Coordinates are at the heart of every construction project. Buildings need to be set out accurately on site. Autodesk Revit has three coordinate systems within the software. In this focused mini-course you will about the three different systems and what each is used for. You will learn how to set real-world coordinate survey points within your project.

  • Over 3 hours of Video Tutorials (all in 720P HD)
  • Support Forum to help with any questions
  • Includes 6 month Membership to allow you to fully digest the course and have your questions answered.
Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to the Course
Unit 2 The three Coordinate Systems within Revit
Module 2 An overview of the three Coordinate Systems
Unit 1 Internal Base Point
Unit 2 Project Base Point
Unit 3 Survey Base Point
Module 3 Setting up coordinates within a project
Unit 1 Displaying the Origin Points
Unit 2 Setting True North and Project North
Unit 3 Setting the Project Base Point
Unit 4 Setting the Survey Point
Module 4 Managing Coordinates for Linked Revit Models
Unit 1 Acquiring Coordinates from a Linked Revit Project
Unit 2 Publishing Coordinates to a Linked Revit Project
Unit 3 Specifying Coordinates at a Point
Unit 4 Reporting Shared Coordinates
Module 5 Controlling the position of your model on site
Unit 1 Relocating your Project
Unit 2 Rotating True North
Unit 3 Rotating Project North
Unit 4 Mirroring Projects


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