Autodesk Revit: 2D Detailing & Annotation

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Producing a comprehensive set of construction documents involves more than just a 3D Model!

Brand new for 2022, this course covers all of Revit’s 2D Detailing & Annotation Tools. You will learn how to use your model as a template for producing 2D Details.

  • Covers all the primary Detailing & Annotation Tools
  • Unlimited support via the BIMscape Support Forums
  • This course comes with 12 Month Membership
  • Review each Unit as many times as you wish

Full Course Itinerary:

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to the Course
Unit 2 Detailing versus Modelling
Module 2 Callouts
Unit 1 Creating Callouts
Unit 2 Callout Boundaries
Unit 3 Referencing Other Views
Module 3 Drafting Views
Unit 1 Creating Drafting Views
Module 4 Detail Components
Unit 1 Placing Detail Components
Unit 2 Repeating Detail Components
Unit 3 Legend Components
Module 5 Dimensions
Unit 1 Aligned Dimensions
Unit 2 Linear Dimensions
Unit 3 Angular Dimensions
Unit 4 Radial Dimensions
Unit 5 Diameter Dimensions
Unit 6 Arc Length Dimensions
Unit 7 Spot Elevation Dimensions
Unit 8 Spot Coordinate Dimensions
Unit 9 Spot Slope Dimensions
Unit 10 Dimension Styles
Module 6 Text Elements
Unit 1 Creating Text
Unit 2 Check Spelling
Unit 3 Find / Replace
Unit 4 Creating new Text Styles
Module 7 Regions
Unit 1 Filled Regions
Unit 2 Masking Regions
Module 8 Detail Lines
Unit 1 Creating Detail Lines
Unit 2 Creating new Line Styles
Module 9 Tags
Unit 1 Tag by Category
Unit 2 Use of the 'Tag All' tool
Unit 3 Multi-Category Tags
Unit 4 Material Tags
Unit 5 Creating Custom Tags
Module 10 Keynotes
Unit 1 Element Keynotes
Unit 2 Material Keynotes
Unit 3 User Keynotes
Unit 4 Keynoting Settings
Module 11 Additional Topics
Unit 1 Insulation graphics
Unit 2 Adding Symbols
Unit 3 Colour Fill Plans
Unit 4 Area Plans
Unit 5 Locking your Details to the Model
Unit 6 Creating a 2D Details Library
Unit 7 Stair Paths
Unit 8 Adding a View Reference

Two Units per day will allow you to follow along and ask any questions.