Migrate your Account and Purchases

If you have previously purchased any Course or Ebook from the old BIMscape website (now relegated to bimscape.co.uk), you are entitled to a Free Lifetime Membership here at BIMscape.

In addition to your Free Lifetime Membership, you can migrate all previous purchases over to this site. To do so, just complete the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain your Coupon Code for your Lifetime Membership at BIMscape.com

You will need a Coupon Code from the old site, in order to reduce the cost of your Lifetime Membership to zero, at the checkout. Click the button below to go the coupon code page at bimscape.co.uk

Please Note: You will need to login (with you old BIMscape account details) in order to see the Coupon Code.

Step 2: Create a new BIMscape Account

Create your new Account here at BIMscape.com. Your Account is created by choosing the Lifetime Membership product from the Shop.

To create your Account, simply choose the Lifetime Membership product and add it to you Basket.
Use the Coupon Code you obtained above, at the Checkout, to reduce the cost of the Membership to Zero.

*** Important: When creating your new BIMscape Account, please use the same email address as your old account. This is so I can verify your eligibility for Free Lifetime Membership and Product Migration

I really hope the new site can grow & develop into a great community of like-minded BIM / Revit enthusiasts. Once you have registered, please take a few moments to introduce yourself to fellow members

Step 2: Migrate each purchased product over to BIMscape.com

Now that you have your new BIMscape Account, you can start bringing over your purchases from the old site. You do simply by:-

  • Log back into bimscape.co.uk.
  • Go to each of your courses in turn.
  • In the very first Unit for each course that you own, you will find a Coupon Code.
  • Use the Coupon Code to reduce the cost of the corresponding course here at BIMscape.com, to zero
  • Do the same for each of the courses that you currently own. Each course will have a unique coupon.
Please Note:
  • Your two accounts (your old one and new one) are totally independent.
  • BIMscape.co.uk will remain accessible for a minimum of 12 months.
  • All new content will only be published here at bimscape.com
  • The existing course content is being migrated over to this site continually: It will take a short while before your courseware is replicated in full- please be patient.
  • You can still access your courses at the old site in the short term.

If you have any questions or issues relating to the migration process, please contact me via the form below