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How to Install Spy Software on a Cell Phone Remotely: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s world, almost everyone has a smartphone. These devices have come in clutch to facilitate eCommerce, eLearning, and instant messaging. Thus, it’s no surprise that over 5.25 billion individuals use smartphones. For context, this value represents over 80% of the global population. 

Despite its many merits, some individuals use cell phones to plan and execute sinister ideas. Vices like fraud, infidelity, and cyberbullying are perpetuated via smartphones.

As such, snooping through your ward, spouse, or employee’s device to assess their activities 24/7 is a valid commitment.

Although spying applications aid this endeavor, most iterations demand physical installation. And with people paying close attention to their devices, you’ll most likely encounter difficulties or get caught!

But what if we told you that learning how to install spy software on a cell phone remotely was possible? 

Instead of employing tricks to gain physical access to a device, this route lets you install spyware on another person’s smartphone from your home’s comfort. 

Although remote spyware installation and monitoring might seem unattainable, this guide runs you through the steps required to facilitate these processes without encountering issues.

Yearning to learn how to remotely install spyware on iPhone and Android devices? Let’s dive in!

What Is Spy Software?

Spy software or applications are designed specifically to gather information from an individual’s device without them knowing. It doesn’t matter if the target has several fail-safes on their cell phones to restrict remote access; a spy app can trawl existing data regardless. 

Although numerous spy applications exist, most proven and tested iterations operate similarly. Once installed on a cell phone, these apps run in the background. During their run-time, they uncover data and transmit them appropriately to a dedicated dashboard accessible by the spyware user.

Spying applications are multifaceted. What does this mean? These apps can access numerous datasets on Android and iOS devices. Notable mentions include:

  • GPS location
  • SMS messages
  • Address book
  • Call logs
  • Multimedia files
  • Installed applications
  • And so many more!

Information you’ll access via a spy application depends on the service you patronize. Thus, getting context on your preferred variant’s inner workings is advised to see if it suits your monitoring endeavors.

IMPORTANT: The question — are spy applications legal? — grants mixed answers. In most jurisdictions, spyware is only permissible if installed on a minor’s device. For those aged 18 or higher, verbal consent is required. To understand what’s obtainable within your nation’s borders, seek context from a reputable technology lawyer. 

Benefits of Using Spy Software

Spy Software

For so long, spy applications have been linked to nefarious activities. However, spy app perception is changing as people now use them for their many benefits, including:

  • Track Stolen or Lost Phones

According to an LA Times report, 68% of smartphone theft victims never recover their devices.

However, by using a spying service that supports remote spying, you can track your device via GPS and other location-based services. If you still can’t retrieve the smartphone after contacting law enforcement, you can remotely wipe its data.

  • Monitor Your Partner

Infidelity in today’s world is at an all-time high. To know what your spouse is up to 24/7, installing a spy application on their Android or iOS device is a great idea. 

For starters, you can use the app’s GPS tracking feature to determine their location in real-time. Since most cheaters use Instant Messaging platforms to communicate, you can uncover who your partner’s talking to and the tone of their discussions via spyware.

DID YOU KNOW: A recent survey states 20% of men and 10% of women confirmed that they’d had an affair. With cheating becoming more pronounced due to social media and other communication routes, using a spy app is your best bet to know if your spouse is faithful or an outright cheater.

  • Elderly Parent Safety

Using spying applications isn’t all about monitoring and tracking someone to see if they’re doing something nefarious. These apps also come in handy to ensure your elderly parents are safe. 

For context, if you’ve got an aged parent living alone in a nursing home, you can utilize a spy app’s GPS tracking add-on to ensure they’re within that location. If they aren’t, you can contact emergency services to ensure nothing is amiss.

  • Seamless Parental Control

You can’t be omnipresent as a parent to monitor your kids’ activities 24/7. However, spying applications grant you a dose of omnipresence as you can access your child’s location, text, and multimedia (images and phones) files.

What’s better?

You can see what applications they’re using via spy apps. If you think any is hampering their performance at school or affecting their behaviors, you can restrict access remotely. These attributes let parents understand the issues behind their kids’ behavioral changes and tweak their parenting techniques accordingly. 

IMPORTANT: A DoSomething report highlights that kids between 12 and 17 have been bullied online at least once. Although several platforms have integrated add-ons to prevent these occurrences, cyberbullying still prevails. To ensure your kid is out of harm’s way, install a spy application on their device for real-time context on their activities and whereabouts.

  • Ensure Workplace Productivity

As an entrepreneur, you understand that a productive environment is crucial to meeting your firm’s target for every fiscal quarter or year. With employees leading your entity’s operations, you’d want to ensure all hands are on deck during working hours.

With spy applications, you can see if workers spend productive hours surfing the internet or executing work-related tasks. As such, you can cut off inept staff, ensuring your company meets ROI milestones without hassles.

Can You Install Spyware on a Cell Phone Remotely?

Spy applications aid remote monitoring. However, can you install these apps without having access to the target device? The answer to this query is yes. 

But it’s pertinent to note that some scenarios render remote spy app installation impossible. Don’t fret; we’ll take you through these cases in the subsequent parts of this comprehensive guide. 

How to Remotely Install Spyware on iPhone

If you insert the “install spyware on iPhone” phrase on Google and Bing, you’ll discover that most routes revolve around jailbreaking. However, this installation path is tedious and compromises the target device’s security.

But there’s a much easier way. Using top-tier spy apps, you don’t need physical access to install your preferred iteration on an iOS device. In fact, you can kick-start your monitoring activities from your home’s convenience.

But how does this process pan out? Using the #1 spy application worldwide — mSpy — as an example, we’ll show you how to install this spyware on any iOS-backed device.

How to Install mSpy Remotely 

To track an iOS device remotely via mSpy without issues, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Create an Account

mspy create your mSpy account

Using mSpy to kick-start tracking endeavors on an iOS device, the first step required is creating an account. On the official mSpy site — — tap the “TRY NOW” icon.

Afterward, you’ll be redirected to a unique page to insert your email address. Once you’ve done that, click “CONTINUE” to proceed to the next phase.

Step 2: Choose a Device

mSpy Choose a Device

The next step requires choosing a device OS. Since you’d like to aid cell phone spy software remote installation on an iOS device, click “iOS” on the featured menu. 

Step 3: Choose a Premium Plan

mSpy choose your plan

After selecting iOS as your target device, choose a mSpy premium plan that suits your finances and monitoring needs. Despite mSpy’s intuitive and revolutionary stance, it fields these cost-effective plans:

  • 1 Month: $48.99 per month
  • 3 Months: $28.99 per month
  • 12 Months: $11.67 per month

NOTE: mSpy has a free Demo Mode add-on available to all. This feature gives you in-depth insight into how this revolutionary software works once installed on any iOS device.

Step 4: Make Payment

Immediately you select a plan that suits your budget and tracking needs, you’ll be redirected to a unique payment page. To conclude your order, you’d need to insert specific information, including:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Card number, expiry date, and CVV
  • Coupon code (if available)

Once you’ve inserted the above information, click “Submit Order.”

Step 5: Email Verification

Log in to your account using mSpy credentials

If your mSpy premium plan purchase is successful, the service will forward a confirmation email to you. Opening it, you should encounter the following:

  • Order information
  • Username
  • Control Panel address
  • Password

Guard the aforementioned datasets judiciously, as they’ll be helpful for your iOS monitoring adventure.

Step 6: Remote Setup

You can set up mSpy on a non-jailbroken iOS device without gaining physical access. To do this, log into your unique mSpy dashboard and insert the iCloud credentials linked to the target’s iPhone or iPad.


Now, hit the “Verify” button. To continue, insert the unique code sent to you via email. 

IMPORTANT: If iCloud backup is disabled and 2FA verification is active on the target iPhone, you’d need to gain physical access to the device.

Step 7: Conclude the Process


Once you’ve inserted and verified the target device’s iCloud logins, return to your dashboard and tap “Proceed.” Now, input the name and mobile number. Click on “Done” once you’ve inserted these data bits.

Accomplishing the aforementioned steps grants you unfiltered access to an iOS device without hassles. As such, you’ll have access to the target’s SMS messages, GPS location, call logs, address book, installed applications, and lots more in one tap!

When Do You Need Physical Access to the Target iPhone to Install a Spy App? 

You’ll need physical access to a target iPhone when seeking more monitoring features from a spy app. Here, you’d need to opt for mSpy’s unique “jailbreak package,” as extra tracking functionalities are only accessible if the iOS device is jailbroken. 

Android Spy App Remote Installation

Although we’ve just shown you how to spy on a cell phone remotely, it’s pertinent to note that this venture is only achievable on an iOS device. If your target uses an Android device, you’ll need to gain hold of their device to install mSpy and other revered spying apps.

But guess what? This process isn’t as strenuous as perceived, and you can finish it in 5 minutes or less. 

Without further ado, let’s show you how. 

How to Spy on Android Cell Phones Remotely With mSpy

If you’ve chosen mSpy as your go-to to spy on a target that uses an Android device, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Create a mSpy Profile and Subscribe

The first thing to do if you’d like to install mSpy on an Android device is to create a profile. Once done, choose any of the three subscription plans featured and make payment.

Step 2: Setup mSpy on the Target Device

Once you’ve successfully subscribed to a mSpy plan, you’ll receive an email highlighting a download URL and your dashboard logins. Insert the download link into the target device’s browser and download the mSpy APK. 

Step 3: Commence Monitoring

After installing mSpy’s APK on the target device, sign into your dashboard. Here, you’ll get context on the smartphone’s texts, calls, apps, and media files. 

How to Use mSpy’s Remote Installation Support

Despite the ease of mSpy installation on Android, some individuals find the process challenging.

To relegate related issues to the background, mSpy has curated a unique remote support system — mAssistance — to run you through the technical aspects of the app’s installation.

With mAssistance active, you’ll be patched through to customer support representatives offering remote help concerning Keylogger setup, SMS app deactivation, USB-debugging activation, and many more.

But mAssistance’s merits don’t end here.

Using this support system, you can root the target’s Android device without issues.

IMPORTANT: Contrary to popular notions, mAssistance offers remote technical support only — it doesn’t provide remote installation on Android smartphones. As such, you’ll need access to the target’s Android device while executing steps issued by the support system.

Tips for Successfully Installing Spy Software Remotely

Can you install software on a cell phone remotely? From what we’ve highlighted in the preceding segments, this endeavor is possible, albeit on iOS devices only. 

To install spy software like mSpy remotely without hassles, you must adopt certain practices and avoid specific mistakes. 

Practices to Adopt

When installing spy software, adopt these practices: 

  • Ensure you’re sure of the target OS you want to monitor. Why? Spy applications like mSpy deliver step-by-step installation guides based on the target device’s operating system.
  • Opt for subscriptions that tally your finances and monitoring timeline.
  • Ensure your preferred spy application has support to guide you through specific technical processes.

Mistakes to Avoid

When performing remote installation of a cell phone spy app, avoid these mistakes:

  • Patronizing a dubious spy app developer. Most unproven spy apps are malware that can compromise your financial and personal information.
  • Not adhering to the developers’ installation instructions. Towing this route reduces the spy app’s monitoring capabilities. 

Parting Shot

While you can remotely install spy software on an iOS device, physical access is required for spyware installation on Android smartphones. 

We’ve drawn out step-by-step installation guides for Android and iOS devices to ensure you can install spy apps seamlessly on both smartphone iterations. Utilizing these steps, you’ll get 100% access to your ward, spouse, or employee’s smartphone without hassles. 

We highlighted mSpy in this guide due to its top-tier attributes. Although you can perform remote installation and monitoring on other spy applications, ensure your pick is legitimate in all ramifications. 

Thanks for reading!

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