The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture: Practice Project

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to the Practice Project Course!
Module 2 Setting up your Project
Unit 1 Create a Revit Project based upon a Template
Unit 2 Set up Phasing
Unit 3 Create the Primary Levels for your Project
Module 3 Create the Building Envelope
Unit 1 Create new Wall Types
Unit 2 Add External Walls
Unit 3 Create a new Roof Type
Unit 4 Adding the Roof
Unit 5 Create a new Floor Type
Unit 6 Add Ground and First Floor elements
Unit 7 Add Internal Walls
Unit 8 Create a new Door Type
Unit 9 Add Doors
Unit 10 Create a new Window Type
Unit 11 Add Windows
Unit 12 Add Stairs
Module 4 Add Internal Fittings
Unit 1 Add Furniture & Fittings
Unit 2 Create a new Ceiling Type
Unit 3 Add Ceilings
Unit 4 Add Light Fittings
Module 5 Create Project Views
Unit 1 Create Building Sections
Unit 2 Create Room Elevations
Unit 3 Use View Templates to control the look of your Elevations
Unit 4 Create Camera Views
Unit 5 Create additional Floor Plans
Module 6 Create Production Documentation
Unit 1 Produce Callouts
Unit 2 Produce a Legend Views
Unit 3 Produce Drafting Views
Unit 4 Create Section Boxes
Unit 5 Create Door and Window Schedules
Unit 6 Dimension your Floor Plans
Unit 7 Create Custom Tags for your Doors and Windows
Unit 8 Add 2D Detail to your Wall Section
Unit 9 Add 2D Detail to your Roof Callout
Unit 10 Place your Views onto Sheets
Module 7 Additional Exercises
Unit 1 Set up Design Options for a internal refurbishment project
Unit 2 Add a Conservatory to the rear of the house
Unit 3 Create 2 Design Options for a new Bathroom
Unit 4 Present the Design Options to a Client
Unit 5 Accept one of the Design Options and integrate it into the Main Model