Autodesk Revit: Site & Topography

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to the course
Module 2 Creating Toposurfaces
Unit 1 Adding Points manually
Unit 2 Creating a Toposurface from an imported DWG / CAD file
Unit 3 Creating a Toposurface from a Points File
Module 3 Editing Toposurfaces
Unit 1 Splitting Toposurfaces
Unit 2 Merging Toposurfaces
Unit 3 Adding Subregions
Module 4 Graphical Settings for Toposurfaces
Unit 1 Category and Subcategory review
Unit 2 Toposurface Materials
Unit 3 Displaying Contours
Unit 4 Section Graphics for Toposurfaces
Module 5 Adding Elements to your Site
Unit 1 Building Pads
Unit 2 Site Components
Unit 3 Parking Components
Module 6 Additional Topics
Unit 1 Graded Regions (cut and fill calculations)
Unit 2 Topography and Revit Phases
Unit 3 Property Lines
Unit 4 Separating your Site and Buildings