Autodesk Revit: Room Schedules & Data Sheets

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to the Course
Module 2 Adding Rooms to your Model
Unit 1 Adding a Room
Unit 2 Room Visibility Settings
Unit 3 The Room Bounding Parameter
Unit 4 Room Separator Lines
Unit 5 Calculating Room Volumes
Unit 6 Tagging your Rooms
Module 3 Room Schedules
Unit 1 Creating a basic Room Schedule
Unit 2 Adding additional Parameters to your Room Schedule
Unit 3 Adding Conditional Formatting to your Room Schedules
Unit 4 Creating a Schedule Key for Room Styles
Module 4 Room Data Sheets
Unit 1 Creating your Room Elevations
Unit 2 Creating cutaway views of your Rooms
Unit 3 Tagging your cutaway 3D views
Unit 4 Putting your information onto a Room Data Sheet
Module 5 Additional Topics
Unit 1 Creating a Schedule of Rooms based upon the Client's requirements
Unit 2 Target versus Actual Room Areas in your Schedule
Unit 3 Allocating and reallocating Rooms that are already defined
Unit 4 Creating custom Room Tags
Unit 5 Room Area Computation options
Unit 6 Adding Rooms to Linked Models
Unit 7 Calculating Gross Internal Floor Areas