Autodesk Revit: Coordinate Systems

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to the Course
Unit 2 The three Coordinate Systems within Revit
Module 2 An overview of the three Coordinate Systems
Unit 1 Internal Base Point
Unit 2 Project Base Point
Unit 3 Survey Base Point
Module 3 Setting up coordinates within a project
Unit 1 Displaying the Origin Points
Unit 2 Setting True North and Project North
Unit 3 Setting the Project Base Point
Unit 4 Setting the Survey Point
Module 4 Managing Coordinates for Linked Revit Models
Unit 1 Acquiring Coordinates from a Linked Revit Project
Unit 2 Publishing Coordinates to a Linked Revit Project
Unit 3 Specifying Coordinates at a Point
Unit 4 Reporting Shared Coordinates
Module 5 Controlling the position of your model on site
Unit 1 Relocating your Project
Unit 2 Rotating True North
Unit 3 Rotating Project North
Unit 4 Mirroring Projects