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I am working my way thru the Ultimate Guide to Revit Walls course, so maybe this is answered somewhere later in the course but I don't see a specific topic listed for it.

Here in Canada we put a wall assembly schedule on the drawings that lists all the layers of the wall with the respective thickness of each layer along with its RSI value, also the sound resistance rating, and fire resistance rating for the wall assembly as a whole.

For the R-value to be accurate I would have to add an insulation layer to the wall, but in reality the batt insulation is embedded between the wall studs and just adding a layer of batt insulation to the wall type add 6" to it. Is there a way to show this insulation as part of the wall type and for each layer to show up in a schedule just for each wall type? I have experimented with a material take off schedule but this only provides  the total of materials for each wall type used in the project.

Even in a wall schedule for framing I can show the R value, but because the insulation that is in the wall can not be added to the wall type (at least I haven't figured out how yet!) the reading I get back for that value is a false one - it will only include the RSI for the wood lumber, siding and gypsum board.

I can make up a wall legend graphically showing all the wall layers, with columns for the sound rating and fire rating etc. but it would be really nice to have revit read back that information in a schedule for each wall type being used in the project. Any thoughts would be helpful.

Posted : 08/03/2018 4:47 pm
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Hi Sharon,

Apologies for the delayed reply? Have you resolved this one yet?

You can add an insulation Layer- but it will either be listed as an Insulation Layer or the Stud Layer. As you point out, they lie in the same plane- so you have to choose to enter either one or the other into the Wall Assembly. What you can do is calculate the actual R-Value of that layer given the ratio of insulation to timber studs. That is the value you would then enter for this layer.


-You'll need to add the insulation graphic to the layer manually, in plan and section

-You can use Legend Views- and add "Detail Legend Component" to it, to show the different wall build-ups. You can dimension these and also you can add Legend views to as many sheets as you need. Thus, produce one Legend View to show all you wall build-ups and then drag and drop this single view onto as many sheets as you need.

Hope this helps,

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Posted : 16/04/2018 11:21 am