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Hello - i'm probably a bit backwards as in i'm not designing in Revit but recreating buildings as-built. It's my job to learn this and teach a couple of other newbs in our small office. The tutorials I've indulged in so far have been absolutely great and better than the time i spent at some unmentioned Autodesk reseller's office on paid training days in fact.

There's a couple of topics we are constantly taking more time than should be recreating and that would be creating stairs and railings that go beyond straight floor to floor in one run scenarios, more fancy-pants designs like spiral stairs and fire escapes for example..

Are there any plans to cover the basics of MEP too? I just don't get it lol

Posted : 18/05/2018 3:54 pm
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Many many thanks indeed for your feedback and suggestions.

Stairs / Railings: YES- I can see a mini course dedicated to those. Would have to just do some quick market research to the BIMscape Community to gauge the overall level of interest.

MEP: Again- it comes down to demand. To do a good "Beginners Course" on MEP would be a big undertaking- so I would have to really confident that there was sufficient demand there to make the investment in time viable.

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Posted : 21/05/2018 2:34 pm