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I'm an architect with AECOM in Miami, Florida, US with 20 years experience. I know AutoCAD very well but knew this day was coming when the firm I work for is emphasizing that everyone know Revit. It is a great tool but just different than vector based programs and I'm here just trying to learn as much as I can.

Robert Burghardt

Posted : 22/06/2017 5:38 am Ian liked
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Hi Robert,

Great to havce you join us here.

Your firm is making a great decision ot move into the world of BIM- Revit is a great place to start. There are still many companies that are sticking with 2D CAD. The truth is that these companies "will" be left behind at some time- they will simply not be able to compete with the firms that using better tools, in a better way.

PLEASE take advantrage of the forums to ask any questions you need to. Enjoy the Course!

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Posted : 22/06/2017 9:24 am