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about one year ago I didn't know anything about BIM, but in one of my courses in university from my best teacher, I familiar with BIM and it's universe! last week I attended AEC hackathon and ISAARC 2018 in Berlin and find BIM more appealing for me.

I have about 3 years experience in designing Floating structures and it's facilities, and also 3 years in the municipality as a civil engineer and it's about 2years that I am a contract specialist in the municipality. but it's not my favorite job, I find my Future in BIM, so I'm here to Start learning BIM in the third decade of my life!

I have a master degree in structural engineering and now pursuing my education as a Ph.D. candidate in construction management

I will be more happy to find new friends from here


Posted : 29/07/2018 7:22 am
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Hi there!

How are you enjoying the Course?

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Posted : 17/09/2018 5:06 pm