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Hello there,

Back in 2006, whilst studying construction, I was the final class to be taught the old Autodesk programs - the year after us began straight out on Revit. Continuing on to study architecture, we were able to use whichever programmes we wanted - and like most, I kept to what I knew best. I've been lucky and able to use AutoCad up 'til now but I realise many of the job descriptions are looking for experienced users of Revit - so that is a complete loss for me and my peers, who have either had to take courses to learn Revit, started their own businesses or bowed out of the field completely. Since the building laws are changing, accomodating for Revit users, I hope to be able to learn the programme so I too can compete in the job-markets today.

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Hi there and Welcome!


You've made SUCH a good decision ot switch over to Revit now. As you point out, many firms have already made the switch and are seeing the huuuuge benefits over AutoCAD. Consequently, they want staff who can use that technology.

Rest assured, the free course gives you everything (100%) that you need to feel comfortable with the basics.

Any questions as you work your way through the course, please just ask.

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Posted : 27/11/2017 9:48 am