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I am actually from Turkey. For almost 15 years I have been working mostly with AutoCAD and SketchUp. Also, I used Allplan just once during my student years. In Turkey, BIM softwares are not widely used, so although I have always wanted to learn and start using Revit for quite sometime, it wasn't an immediate necessity for me and I couldn't really find time due to my heavy workload. But I moved to Canada with my wife in August 2017 and we are staying as Master's students at the moment. I will start looking for a job in the summer (hopefully after getting my work permit) and I know that it will be almost impossible for me without knowing how to use Revit. So, I recently picked it up with your Beginner's Guide and I have to say it is absolutely very helpful. I am almost midway through the course and I really like it. Thank you very much for this great course.



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Many thanks for the intro Onur,

So very pleased that the Beginners' Guide has proved useful so far.

All the best with the Masters!

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Posted : 12/03/2018 10:18 am