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Hi, Jolly Roger in Seattle

Roger Wilson
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Hi folks,

the first thing I wanted to say is how GREAT both Revit and the intro course are.  I am an old architect (SCI-ARC 1980) and 3d computer animator (Robert Abel & assc '80-84, Universal 85-87[Knightrider/Airwolf and many more] So I know 3d very well; I used to teach it (wavefront, SoftImage, Alias,and a little Houdini). I have been using Visio to create drawings for years (please don't laugh). The step up from that to Revit was astounding. Maybe if this had been around in the 80's I might have stayed an architect.

I am converting design drawings for an 8000 sq. ft. residence from Visio into Revit, and in 3 days I think I have gotten 80% of it done. I'll ask questions in the other areas.

Topic starter Posted : 20/12/2021 2:58 am