Why won't Revit allow me to fill in the Fire Rating of a door in the schedule?  

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I'm trying to add a field in the door schedule to indicate the doors that are half-hour fire resisting. I manage to put the field in and one of the doors shows as "n/a". I was able to correct this by clicking on it and typing "FD 30 S". The problem is that for all the other doors, when I click in the box to type "FD 30 S", nothing happens and it won't allow me to type anything in the box. I've tried looking at the properties of the doors and typing "FD 30 S" under Fire Rating under the Identity Data heading, but that doesn't help. It still won't let me fill in the schedule. I don't know what to do. Perhaps there is something wrong with the door family but this course doesn't cover families and I've got nothing to tell me how to resolve families in a timely manner. Is there not some way of over-riding this rather over-complicated method of doing schedules? All I want to do is type "FD 30 S" for the relevant doors in the fire rating field. I'm getting extremely frustrated as the scheduling function in Revit seems not to be fit for purpose.  

Posted : 09/04/2019 5:48 pm