Multiple columns by grid missing command -Modify/Place structural column  

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I am doing The Complete Beginner`s Guide to AutoDesk Revit and the module of the course is called: Structural Grids

I am writing here to ask for a help with missing command in my REVIT 2017 Student Version.

In a part of the course related to Structural grids, I got familiar with the option to place the specific structural columns at grid points, automatically, instead of doing separately for each one copy/past.

The command is following:

Select the column already placed in one grid intersection point and click on menu ribbon option AT GRIDS by selecting all the grids, Revit is placing the columns automatically in each grid intersection selected.


I am missing AT GRIDS command in my Revit version and I am wondering why is that?

Maybe during the course, I will run across other reduced options, but so far is this a problem that I have. Is it related to the fact that I am using a Student version?

Hoping that someone will help me resolve this problem easily and fast.


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Posted : 18/05/2018 6:26 pm