Do the courses cover ground beams, piles, precast floors and trusses  

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I've worked through the beginners course and other YouTube vids and am now on with my next live (real) project in Revit. It's a three storey housing development; cavity walls, on ground beams with piles, precast floors, trussed roof (some normal, some attic trusses).

Undertaking a project such as this previously I'd have done in AutoCAD with 1:50 GA's, 1:50/1:20 sections and 1:10/1:5 details as required. Even with my 1:50 GA sections I will show ground beams (and dotted pile outlines) in section, precast floor units (with longitudinal voids) and trusses in the roof space etc. 

I do not want to compromise on my (hard earned and developed) graphical presentation style so would like to show the same in Revit. I don't though want to sketch these details into each view, I want these elements (families) added correctly into the model. 

So my question is whether any parts of the course cover these areas? If so, which courses? 

Posted : 15/04/2018 6:17 pm
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I haven't yet covered these topics as they are venturing into the realms of Revit Structure.  However certainly for the foundations- you have all the tools you need, even in Revit LT. If you check out the Structure Menu- you'll find a "Foundation" panel that covers strip foundations and piles.

Once you have added these elements to your model, it's just a case of playing around the View Range Settings and using the Linework tool- in order to create plans showing dotted ground beam edges, etc.

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Posted : 16/04/2018 11:30 am