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Hi Ian,

I have an existing concrete cellar staircase that needs altering to accommodate a new lift shaft , i have drawn the existing and then used the demolish tool set to new construction. Do i simply redraw the new stair layout over the top of the demolished line work and set the phase to new construction ? If so would this also apply to alterations such as windows removed and openings widened etc?   Also in the last post you suggested the Join Geometry Tool to clean up a chimney breast i had drawn, i can select the main wall but it will not allow me to select the in place mass that is the breast projection, any tips ?

Cheers mate  Tony


Posted : 01/07/2017 2:27 pm Ian liked
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Hi Tony,

With regards the staircase....

If the staircase actually changes- ie you need to adapt / alter it in real life- then yes, create the "as existing" staircase model- this is "created" in the "Existing" phase and demolished in the "new". And then create a new staircase model- which has it's "Phase Created" set to "New"- so it only comes into existence in the proposed scheme. Same for any other model that is altered or replaced.


With regards your in-place families- I'll have to get back to you later in the week / early next week- as I'm currently running on LT, which doesnt have in-place component modelling. But I'll be getting a month's subscription of"Full" towards the end of this week- so can take a look then.


Kind regards,


Posted : 03/07/2017 5:04 pm