A question regarding doors and windows  

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Hi Everyone,

Trying hard to get a hang of Revit. Thanks to Ian he has made the learning process a breeze.

I have a query regarding doors and windows. 

When I am in doors tool it seems that the width and height of any door type is the size of the desired final door only  and excludes the Frame thickness. I am not sure how you guys normally work. Coming from CAD, to me, when I say on my schedule the door is "900 x 2150" that includes the door + frame thickness. So the door is actually slightly smaller than the mentioned size with the size of the frame deducted from it, unlike in revit. I hope you understand my point. 

With how Revit works, the door "900 x 2150" means that the final door only is 900 x 2150 but there is an extra door frame thickness around it. To me this is confusing. Using this method, During construction, as per revit schedule, if the builder were to leave an opening of 900 x 2150 for the door and the door + frame thickness is actually bigger than the allowed opening, wont that lead to trouble.

But the windows seem to work differently. A window size "1200 x 1500" seem to be exactly the size of the window including its frame thickness in Revit.

Please forgive if there is a simple answer to this. My mind seem to think otherwise. Greatly appreciate any thoughts in this matter.


Posted : 29/09/2018 12:56 pm