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Revit Templates

John Hall
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Hi. What do people include in their Revit template? 

  • Fonts preferred
  • Do you cut out a lot of the standard families to slim down the template?
  • What about linetypes?
  • Does your template include all of your sheets or just a couple with the rest loaded in as required?
  • Plugins/addons?
Topic starter Posted : 10/04/2021 4:29 pm
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Thanks for starting this thread John.

I think the 'trick' with Revit Templates is to put in just enough content (that you regularly use) but not so much that:

1) The template file becomes overly large and unwieldy

2) You end up with redundant components that you then need to purge out again.

With regards what should go in them, obvious ones are:-


Titleblock families

Line Styles

Commonly-used component families and Detail Component / Symbol Families

View Templates

Filled Region Styles

Text Styles.


But also consider....

Pre-defined Schedule Layouts

Legend Views (standard disclaimers, etc)

Sheet List

Dimension Styles

Wall, Floor, Ceiling, Roof Types

Starting View

Browser Organisation


Would very much welcome all other ideas / discussion on these.

Many thanks,

Kind regards,



Posted : 11/04/2021 11:09 am