Autodesk Revit: An introduction to Repeating Details

In this Autodesk Revit tutorial we are going to take a look at Repeating Detail Components. If you’d like to watch the video version of this tutorial first, simply click in the box below….



In the previous tutorial we saw how to add 2D Detail Components in order to provide an appropriate level of detail to our views. But adding bricks and blocks individually (even with the use of “Copy Multiple”) is still a laborious process. Thankfully for elements that are repeated in a uniform manner (such as brickwork sections, roof tiles, etc) we have a specific tool- or should I say “element type”.

Let’s take a real-world example….





In the image above I want to add blockwork details to the inner layer of my external wall (1) and roof tile details to the top surface of the sloped roof (2). Repeating Detail Components are designed exactly for these type of scenarios. Switch to the “Annotate” menu (1, below) and activate the “Component” drop-down menu (2, below). Select “Repeating Detail Component” (3, below)….





Use the drop-down “Type Selector” in the Properties Palette (1, below) to choose the Repeating Detail Component you wish to use. I am going to use Autodesk’s “Brickwork – Section” Repeating Detail that is included in the out-of-the-box template. Now click in the active window to define the start point for your detail (2, below). Then move your cursor to the end point (3, below) and click again to create the Repeated Detail between these two points….





In the image below you can clearly see the Repeated Detail component that we have placed over the top of our model element. I have set the “Display Model” property this view to “Halftone”. This makes it easier to distinguish between the model elements and the 2D detail elements on top…..






I am now going to do the same for the roof. I am going to use the “Roofing Tiles Laid to Left” Repeating Detail (1, below). Again I click to define the start point at the base of my roof (2, below) and then again to define the end point (3, below) at the top of the slope…





So what exactly are Repeating Detail Components? They are simply System Families that reference ordinary 2D Detail Components within your project. If we select an existing Detail Component and hit the “Edit Type” button (1, below), we can see the properties for a Repeating Detail Component….




  1. Edit Type: Use this to bring up the Type Properties for the selected Repeating Detail Component
  2. Detail: This is the individual Detail Component that is repeated
  3. Layout: Choose how you wish the Detail Component to be repeated.
  4. Inside: Determines the side that the Detail will be repeated on when you move your cursor away from the start point
  5. Spacing: Set the finite spacing between the individual Detailed Components in the series
  6. Detail Rotation: Set the orientation of the individual Detail Component with respect to the centre line of the Repeated Detail array.
So to create your own Repeating Detail Components:-
  1. Create a new “Repeating Detail Component” type
  2. Choose the Detail Component that will be repeated- create you own if necessary!
  3. Decide on the rest of the Type Properties for your new Repeating Detail Component.
  4. Test!

Key Points

  • Repeating Detail Components are used where Detailed Components appear together in a linear series
  • They can be used in Plan, Sections, Elevations, Callouts, Drafting Views, etc
  • They simply define the array of a normal Detailed Component
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