Revit Architecture: Are your Levels black or blue?

When working in an Elevation or Section View, have you ever noticed that some of your Level Heads are coloured blue and some are black? It may not be immediately obvious (especially to the Revit Beginner) where this difference in colour comes from.




Quite simply it’s all down to whether the Level has an associated Plan View. You can have Levels without having an associated Plan View, but you cannot have a Plan View without an associated Level. Whether you need an associated Plan View for a particular Level that you create is solely down to the intended purpose of the Level.

For example: If you are creating a 2nd storey floor plate in your model, you definitely need a Floor Plan View associated with this Level. Conversely, if you are creating a Level to dictate the height of a parapet capping, you probably do not need to have an associated Plan View- it is only going to be a redundant view that starts to clog up your Project Browser.

So back to the original question: Black or Blue? The Level Heads will be Blue if they do have an Associated Plan View  and they will be coloured Black if they do not. Remember: If you do not need an associated Plan View when creating a new Level, just uncheck the “Make Plan View” tick box on the Options Bar. This saves you having to delete unwanted Plan Views later on.





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