30 Day Premium Support for ‘The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Revit Architecture’ Course


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Launch Offer: 90 days of Premium Support, instead of 30. Offer ends 30/11/16

I’ve purposely made ‘The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Revit Architecture’ Course as detailed and comprehensive as possible. The written articles in conjunction with the video tutorials hopefully make the material easy to understand. Inevitably questions will arise as you work your way through the Modules and Units. That’s the purpose of the free Support Forums.

But what if you want a quicker turnaround to your questions? That’s where this 30 Day Premium Support Plan comes in. It allows you to have a response to your queries within 24 hours (quicker where possible), as opposed to 48 hours using the free Forums.

This Premium Support Plan also allows to you post up to 5 images simultaneously with each post, as opposed to a single image using the free Forums. This will help you better explain your issue and allow me to resolve it quickly.

Questions and Answers:

Who is this Support Plan suitable for?

How is the support provided?

  • By means of a dedicated private Premium Support Forum. Your posts are answered within 24 hours (quicker if possible)

What questions can I ask on the Forum?

  • Absolutely anything related to  “The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Revit Architecture” Course
  • General Revit Architecture (ie not Course related) questions should be directed to the appropriate free Forum

Can I receive support via Skype, TeamViewer, telephone, etc?

  • Sorry, no. All support is delivered strictly by the dedicated Premium Support Forum

When is Support provided / not provided?

  • Support is provided Monday to Friday (ie the working week)
  • Support is not provided at the weekends (Sat/Sun), UK Bank Holidays or UK Public Holidays
  • Of course you are free to post at the weekends / Bank Holidays- and I will respond on the next working day

Why is it time-limited to 30 days?

  • To help you focus on steady, systematic progress through the Course
  • To ensure that I have time to provide the appropriate level of support to each and every participant.

Who actually answers my questions?

  • I do! I (Ian Nichols) answer each post personally, in a private dedicated Premium Support Forum

What happens if I (Ian Nichols) am on holiday and cant provide support?

  • Yes, I do need a holiday once in awhile!
  • I will always advise on forthcoming holidays such that you can plan your purchase date accordingly
  • If I am unavailable during your 30 Day Plan, your Plan Expiry Date will be extended by the respective number of days accordingly

What happens when the 30 days is up?

  • You simply cease to have access to the dedicated Premium Support Forum. You are of course free to continue to use any of the other free Forums.

If you have any question relating to this product that have not been covered above, please feel free to drop me a line

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