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    In M9 U1, you click on Structure > Edit etc to change the pattern type of the brick material. However, you didn’t do what you always insist on; duplicate the wall type, or the material, firstly.

    I thought there must be a reason for non-duplication THIS TIME. So I followed these actions implicitly.

    About 2m25s into video, you caution being careful with changing the material pattern of the wall type, without duplication of material and wall types – because of the effect, if we’re applying this change to only one of a bunch of walls.

    I guess it threw me off track.

    If I duplicate the material when I’ve clicked into the Fill Pattern dialog, is that creating a duplicate ONLY IN the project I have open?

    Then, do I Okay back to the first level dialog, to duplicate the wall type, meaning the new material is assigned to the new wall type – which also is IN THIS PROJECT ONLY?

    Being a Revit learner, I’m confused with the priority order of changed items here. Hope you can follow my train of thought on this one.

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