How long to build a usable model by a good Revit user?  

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I'm a Senior Technician with 25yrs experience. Just caught then end of drawings boards, then onto AutoCAD and SketchUp. Realised I couldn't avoid the Revit tide any further and have recently been plugging away and slowly getting there. I see all the benefits but it's just so cumbersome at times that it makes creating the simplest of things a huge undertaking, at the moment at least.

I was recently asked to join a small practice and agreed to on the condition that we started using Revit (which they have licences for) on all projects going forward. They've been using AutoCAD for a decade.

As a practice we're trying to work out if it's economic long term to use Revit on all projects (including domestic) once we're all fully trained and up to speed on Revit or whether sticking with AutoCAD would be better. We're prepared to take the financial hit in the short to medium term to allow us all the time to get fluent with Revit but, as always, it boils down to available fee and whether it will stretch far enough to build and utilise a Revit model in the future by a competent Revit user.

So what I'd like to know is roughly how long it would take to create a usable (accurate and useful) Revit model for a particular example project (I'll send over the CAD files) by someone who is well trained in the Revit. I'd simply like an idea of the number of days it would take to draw up the measured survey to create the existing set then the proposed set.

Any help from anyone would be very much appreciated.


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Hi Simon,

'Really hoping that many others jump in and give you feedback on your question- as I'd love to hear a range of replies.

Just to add my input: In my 14 years of Revit use, I have only come across (literally) 1 person who tried it and then stuck with AutoCAD. Everyone else who got through the learning curve (6-8 months realistically) never looked back or would even contemplate going back to AutoCAD.

A competent Revit user will pull away from a competent AutoCAD user in terms of productivity / speed- simply by the coordination, scheduling, etc that Revit does for you.

As I say, I'd love to hear from others on this.

Kind regards,


Posted : 09/06/2017 9:56 pm

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