Greetings! Thanks Ian for the excellent course  

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Hey there all,

I've just about finished all the units in the beginning course and have found them to be immensely helpful.

I really did enjoy the written portions up through Module 4, Unit 4 as I generally was able to complete the lesson without the video at a much higher rate of speed.  Also, I found it helpful to be able to refer back to a detail without having to scrub through youtube to find it.

In all, an excellent resource.  Especially for free!

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Many thanks for the Feedback!

So very pleased you ernjoyed the Course.

By the end of next week- ALL the written portions will be uploded to their respective Units.

Also: By the end oif next week- there will be a PDF Ebook available- of all the wirtten articles- for handy offline reference / learning.

AND: Coming soon (prob Oct / Nov), a "Premium" versioon of the course- which will include the PDF, video download links, Quizzes to test your learning, follow along exercises and Completion Certificate.

Thanks once again,

Kind regards,


Posted : 03/08/2017 9:22 am