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steven meager
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I have found the beginners guide very useful and easy to understand with lots of information to get me on the road to understand and use Revit, I was wondering is there any future plan to offer an MEP course on BIMscape as I would definitely sign up for further courses.


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Hi Steve,

Many thanks for the very positive feedback on the Beginners Course.

I am fairly confident there will be some MEP Courses in the future. Being very honest and realistic, the absolute aerliest that I can see this happening is summer 2018. That's simply because the demand is overwhekmingly for Revit Architecture- and I have to make BIMscape stack up financially. So my immediate plans are for an INtermediate and then Advanced Courses- both of which will be Architecture-focused (althought they will contain many elements that will be relevent to ALL disciplines). These two courses alone will take me up until mid 2018, as I want them to be to the same depth / quality as this first Course. Then I can start looking into the MEP stuff- maybe highlt focused mini-courses such as Ductwork, MEP Systems, etc.

Hope this help?

Thanks once again,

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