VERY NEW. Looking forward to learning, hope this helps!  

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Hey all!

Never done any sort of CAD or enginerring/design work. I'm an IT guy specializing in TV Production and Audio Engineering. I need to put together a detailed proposal along with renderings of my design for upgrading a small TV studio. Seems like Revit is going to be the way to go. 

Looking forward to using this guide! I might end up having a lot of questions as I have tons of computer experience but little to no construction/engineering/design experience. I bet I can figure it out though, and this guide looks like it's going to be good!

Posted : 07/08/2017 6:02 am Ian liked
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Hi and Welcome!!!!

It's great (and refreshing) to have someone outside of the Construction Industry taking the Course.

Revit will be perfect for what you describe. It's also a bonus that you DONT have any CAD experience- as you have nothing to "unlearn"

Please ask all the questions you need to.

Kind regards,


Posted : 07/08/2017 11:58 am