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Hi All,

Basically my post title says it all. The last time I looked at Revit was in 2005 at AutoDesk University I'm beyond out of my depth here. I'm an old school AutoCAD/Architectural Desktop user...and so far Revit looks pretty daunting. I work for a precast structural engineering firm, and we're starting to get requests from clients we work with to begin producing work in Revit for a few different types of structures (bridges and commercial buildings). Any guidance I can get will be much appreciated.

I pretty much can't afford to go back to school to learn BIM/Revit at this I'm trying to kind of learn on the fly. YouTube tutorials haven't been so helpful as the people demonstrating them typically fly through the steps and seems to assume that you already are familiar with Revit. A co-worker referred me here I am. (Co-worker is also learning.)

Thanks and good luck all. =)

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Hi and welcome!

My sole objective is to get you up to speed with Revit- that's what the Beginners Course is for. PLEASE ask any questions you need to as you progress through it.

Architectural Desktop! I'm going to have nightmares tonight now! No wonder Autodesk gave up on it and bought Revit!!!!

Posted : 31/10/2017 9:15 pm
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Thanks, I'm going through the freebie course currently. I still feel very in the dark, but I figure I'll go through and listen to everything once, then go through again and start trying to apply things and test it all out in a more comprehensive manner. I think one of the biggest issues I'll have is that I'm very keyboard entry oriented and Revit is so much more menu and icon based. I also wish there were a sort of 'follow' along step-by-step module (though there might be in the bought versions - I've not checked...which if I can swing some overtime and thus extra money...will probably purchase).

I know a program WORSE than's called 'Softplan'. If you don't know it, you're lucky. If you do know it, you know real sufferance and pain. I never had any real problems with ADT when I was using it (2006-2008), to be honest. It ran virtually like straight ACAD the way it was being used where I worked at the time. But, that's neither here nor there.

Thanks! 🙂

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