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Like many others here I am learning Revit's way of doing things that I have been doing for over thirty years. I started with VersaCAD in the mid-eighties then moved to AutoCAD. I tried Revit when it first came out in the late nineties but it too different from AutoCAD to be productive in any short amount of time so I set it aside until this year. I now have the full 2017 student version and have been working through the "No Experience Required" book by Eric Wing. I was very happy to come across this site where Revit is being explained in a fashion that is easy to follow and understand. Many of the small gaps in my knowledge of Revit have been filled in by Ian's patient process. I am looking forward to more offerings from Ian on Revit subjects that remain a mystery. 

Posted : 03/10/2017 9:30 pm Ian liked
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Hi OldDog!

Glad to have to you on board. We CAN teach an OldDog new tricks!

Lots' of new Revit Training material coming soon- there will be an announcement in the email Newsletter in the next week or two.

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Posted : 04/10/2017 2:40 pm