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I have joined recently and am enjoying the course so far. I am from a geophysics and surveying background, and my firm is getting into laser scanning and potentially BIM, mainly for existing buildings. We have a good laser scanning skill base but using revit and creating usable models is new to us!



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Hi James,

A VERY warm welcome to the Community.

Your firm is making a VERY good move, getting into Revit and BIM now. I have worked with surveying firms over the last couple of years who are doing the same thing- and it's going to give them a BIG advantage against surveyors who are not changing.

Architects, Designers, Developers- want as existing BIM models- so they can just get on with the job of designing- they don't (ideally) want to have to model "as existing" if you can deliver that to them and save time- so you are adding value to the front end of the process.

Glad you're enjoying the course so far 🙂

Kind regards,


Posted : 04/07/2017 11:03 am