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I am Andy Smith - I have 20+ years of experience in AutoCAD but am finding there are fewer requests for this kind of drawing. I worked in Revit for one year (2006) and then the company I was working for scrapped the software as the housing market was starting to weaken here in the United States. My last employment was earlier this year but the company decided to outsource to a firm offering BIM. I am currently freelancing and there is work out there, but again most of it is Revit. I would like to quickly become proficient in Revit to make myself  more attractive to potential employers. I have 11 years of residential drawing experience and hope to become a contributing Bim technician.

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Hi Andy,

A very warm welcome to BIMscape.

You have made a great decsion in getting stuck into Revit and BIM now- simply for the reasons you give- the construction world is moving on in terms of the technology it uses- which (on average) delivers a better product for clients.

Everything you need in order to master the fundamentals of Revit is contained within the free course- I really hope you enjoy and find value in it.

Once you get used to Revit (3 - 6 months "realistically"), you will not want to go back to AutoC AD- trust me. 99.9 of people find the transition to be a 1 way journey.

If you have any questions as you go through the course- please just post them on the forum.

Kind regards,


Posted : 23/10/2017 2:28 pm