I need a new life!!  

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Hi there,

I am a complete novice to Revit so will need all the help I can get!!

Firstly, thank you Ian for providing this service for free, unbelievably kind, can you possibly have a little word with Donald Trump & see if he would do the same regarding financial gain maybe!!

I am in my mid 40's & have been in UK construction for my entire working career so I have lots of practical experience but as well as my ageing body slowly deteriorating my yearning is to be within the technical side of things. My father was a draughtsman when I was a young lad, I enjoyed helping/bothering him & it has stayed with me ever since. So before its too late I hope I can spend the next couple of years retraining in the right areas to convert my practical knowledge into paid technical knowledge so any help anyone could offer would be very gratefully received.

My plan is to read & watch all the tutorials available kindly supplied by Ian & Bimscape, I have never used Revit before, I have never even used Autocad before either, so as I said there's not much more novice than me! Then once I have finished the whole course I will need a new plan, as at the moment I really have no idea where to go from there!! So, a few questions if I may.........

For my age, I'm not too shabby with computers, but around 2010 I converted to a Mac! A friend has told me I need a laptop with Microsoft software & he can supply me with certain bits of software for free but not for my Mac. Could anyone offer any tips on the sort of laptop spec I would need to eventually use the Revit software?????

How much is the cost for a single licence for the Revit software????? I have seen them advertised from around &1750 up to £2200 but then yesterday I saw one advertised for 479 euros from http://rpcimrzdqpalcanr.mastercad.top/product/autodesk-revit-2017/ Is this for real or am I missing something????? 

Should I be taking any particular courses next, paid or free?? any particular learning I should be studying?? is there any particular qualifications or examinations I should be taking or studying for?? what sort of job roles would I be considered for when fully trained??

I know my days of waiting for Calvin Klein to offer me their next male slot for underwear are nearly over so it would be nice to know that after all the years of hard graft, a few more years of solid knowledge training would help me transition & be taken seriously in a more technical role.

Kind regards to all & many thanks in advance.


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Hi there and welcome!!!

Novice? Total Novice???? FANTASTIC!!!! This Course is for you. Is has been produced for people with NO experience of Revit whatsoever.

Your practical construction experience will pay dividends- because you'll know what I'm talking about re structures, wall plates, etc, etc.

No AutoCAD experience? BETTER STILL. The "AutoCAD Guys" have to forget / unlearn their unclean AutoCAD habits. You don't have to worry about that.

Licensing: DO NOT spend any money yet. When you are ready to start the course, go to Autodesk.com and download a free trial of Revit. It works 100%, no restrictions for 30 days. That's long enough to complete the course and see if you wish to continue with Revit.

If you do, I would suggest you just get an annual licence for Revit LT. This is going to cost you approx £550 year. (somewhere around the £500 or £600 mark). You do NOT need the "full" version of Revit at your Stage, just LT.

Regards further training, I've got more courses in the pipeline- so stay tuned!

And please use the forum well to ask all the questions you need.

Hope the above helps?

Cheers for now,


PS: Sorry, I don't think I could stomach talking to Donald 🙁

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Hi Ian,

Many thanks for your reply, great bits of knowledge so thanks again.

But, regarding trial purposes of Revit, I will still need a windows laptop & not a Mac, am I right????

Any thoughts on laptop spec capable of using the Revit software????

Friends say, minimum i7 capability?? minimum 8G Ram?? not sure of hard drive?? but also minimum 2.6ghz??

All a little scary with the cost!!!!! At the moment I am reading all the modules & watching all the video's just to familiarise myself as much as I can, happy to begin again from the start when I have the correct laptop.

Really enjoying it by the way, very informative, logical & practical. As well as you being a great teacher, the software itself is incredible, really glad I decided to study.

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Most people use it Windows. I "think" you can get it running on a MAC- but it's something I've never looked into.

Spec-wise: Yep, i7 processor. 8GB of main RAM will be sufficient for learning. If you later get into large(ish) projects you will need to be looking at 16GB+ main ram.

Glad you're enjoying the tutorials.

It's a VERY addictive programme- I'm 12 years in and it's only getting worse for me!!!!



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