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Hello everyone. Being very much a Mechanical Engineer by trade I have been a CATIA and ANSYS user  for the last 15 years or so. I have very recently been asked to put on some training for a few local companies using the wonderful ReVit as their primary tool. So Ian if you would be so very kind to get in touch I may be able to put some work your way if you are interested in helping us out? In any case it would be lovely to hear from you if only to talk about the excellent modern training resource that is BIMScape it a really remarkable course. I only wish any of the modules which I deliver at the University were half as good as this. It would be great to talk to you in a little more detail about your obvious well honed teaching and learning philosophies that you employed in putting these truly brilliant resource together.  Being a comparative newbie to the amazing world of ReVit  it would of course be nice to hear from anyone else who has any experience of training with the software also.

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Hi Justin,

Many thanks indeed for your very kind words.

YES- would be great to have a chat with you. I'll drop you a separate email and we can take it from there.

All the very best with the Training Delivery 🙂

Speak soon,

Kind regards,


Posted : 30/12/2017 2:26 pm