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Lana Astrakhan
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Our firm (based in Portland, Oregon) is switching from CAD to Revit and I'm anxious/excited to start using it. I've been taking this course for several weeks now, and I must say that Ian has an amazing patience and professionalism. Such a nice slow pace and easy to understand explanations for someone who's new to this. Thank you!

Looks like this program has unlimited capabilities, and there is o lot to learn beyond beginners course.

We do mostly residential, wood construction, modern design, and I already have several questions related to the specifics of our construction. What would be the easiest way to communicate with you, Ian? Thank you so much in advance!

Posted : 23/02/2018 1:20 am Ian liked
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Apologies for the late "Welcome"!!!!!

So glad you are enjoying the Course- many thanks for your kind words and feedback.

Fee free to drop me a line on info (at) bimscape (dot) com

Many thanks,


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AJ Clarke
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Lana, Amanda here from New Zealand. I too am starting Revit and doing Ian's brilliant course. It sounds like we work on similar projects and would love to catch up with you if you had the time when I am in Portland next month. Let me know if you are keen and somehow I can supply my contact details so we can start communicating.



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