Graduate trying to get my foot in the door of design  

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Thank you for your free course.

I'm a interior arhitecture design graduate, trying to get in the architecture or construction design industry, I need a solid career in what I enjoy doing. 

Its a competative job and I strive to learn and become the best in what I do with passion. 


I look forward to hearing from you and learning every thing I can. 


Kind Regards 




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Hi Francine!

Welcome to the BIMscape Community.

Youve come at an absolutely ideal time to learn Revit. Next year you're all going to become Revit Experts- if you're up for it?  You've got the rest of December and all of January to digest the free Course- then we're moving along at a pace. Interested?

Any questions as you go through the free Course, please post them and I will help ASAP. It's important to get a solid foundation with all the info in the Beginners Course, because we're heading into Intermediate and Advanced areas throughout 2018.

Many thanks,

kind regards,


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