CE Student new to revit!  

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I am just beginning my senior year in a bachelors degree for civil engineering! I am learning revit in hopes of adding another valuable tool to my toolbox! I have just began module 3 and am already feelings much more comfortable than I did just a couple days ago!  I was hesitant to sign up as the package seemed too good to be true, but I am happy to say that it is well worth it! I look forward to learning the rest of the lessons and maybe even looking into purchasing another learning package!

Posted : 06/02/2018 8:58 pm Ian liked
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Hi and welcome!!!!

So glad you are enjoying it so far.

I make no apology for the business model! I give you a comprehensive learning package for free- if you enjoy it and you find some of the other packages to look useful, you possibly purchase them. If not, no worries at all. At the least, hopefully you tell friends and colleagues about the site and the free offer. And the world gets an additional person to be able to use Revit! All sounds good to me 🙂

If you have any questions as you go through the course, I'm here to help.

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Posted : 06/02/2018 9:31 pm