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   I work in a small Architecture firm in New York.  I am the main draftsman in the firm, currently working on obtaining my license, and am forever trying to increase productivity.  I'm proficient in AutoCad and Sketchup, but I'm looking to add Revit into the mix.  With these instructional videos and some patience, I'm hoping to add Revit to my list of skills.

Posted : 08/01/2018 9:02 pm
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I have also been a Sketchup and AutoCAD user. once you have a reasonable grasp of families then Revit really begins to open up. With Ian's help, I have been able to develop some complex dust collection systems (c/w schedules, etc) and bring in new work for my company.

I have not touched sketchup in 6 months now. before I was a daily user.

keep at it as the learning curve is a little complex but well worthwhile.

I am close to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Posted : 10/01/2018 10:51 pm Ian liked
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And there's me thinking I'd now like to get into SketchUp!

Posted : 17/01/2018 4:20 pm