Wall wrapping and junctions for cavity walls  

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I have an issue with some basic cavity wall types and wrapping at ends and junctions. I cannot get Revit to show the walls how they'd actually be built. I've tried everything I know but nothing works. The three issues are as shown on the image (existing drawing to required arrangements) which is taken from the entrance to a domestic property which has a brick faced open porch:

1. Return of cavity wall around a normal corner but with an internal masonry wall butting into it.

2. Return of standard cavity wall around a normal corner but with brick faced cavity wall abutting it. I'd like to the continuation of the insulation also if possible.

3. Wrapping of cavity wall (brick both sides) to create standard brick faced wall end

Any help on any of this much appreciated.

Posted : 08/01/2018 1:31 pm
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1) This is a Layer Priority issue. The brick outer leaf has a higher priority which is allowing it to push through the grey insulation (?) insulation layer.

The same at (2)- the brick outer leaf in the lower wall has the same priority as the blockwork inner leaf of the upper wall- and pushing through the insulation layer.

Both of these issues can be resolved by the following 2 concepts:-

1) Where each layer sits in respect to either the Core Zone or a Finishes Zone

2) The Function/Priority of the respective layers

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Posted : 11/01/2018 9:19 am