Stairs " by component" & "by sketch" options  

Lucy Sutton
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HI Ian,

I've just completed the "stairs by component" module & noticed a key difference on my version of Revit to the one in your training video.  Under the Architecture / Circulation / Stair tab, there is no drop down menu for my Stair (for either component or sketch).  The only option I have is to simply click on the stair icon.  I just did this & successfully created stairs in the same manner as per your video.   Do you know why I may be missing this drop down menu, and if it will pose an issue?  I am using a full version of Revit 2018.



Posted : 13/06/2017 12:05 pm
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Hi Lucy,


No it won't cause an issue at all. When you hit the Stair icon and Revit enters Sketch Mode, you now have access to either Components or to enter a "nested" Sketch Mode- where you can sketch out the stair run  / landing.

Check out my latest "Stair by Sketch" written tutorial, which I posted today- link on the main home screen. This will explain it in detail.

Hope this helps? If not, PLEASE come back and I can explain further.

Kind regards,


Posted : 13/06/2017 5:08 pm

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